A digital neighborhood coming to life in Cyprus

A while ago, I wrote about how UNDP in Cyprus is trying to generate new ideas to promote civic engagement, social cohesion and peace. In a nutshell, UNDP Cyprus has been running three competitions in parallel that challenge Cypriots to come up with new ideas to use technology creatively to (i) support youth entrepreneurs from different groups to work together; (ii) develop common visions of the future, and (iii) give voice to the views of women about what it takes to build a peaceful and inclusive society.

The challenges have just entered their final stage. Until June 12, you can look at the 14 shortlisted concepts that are now competing for a cash prize from UNDP. You can also leave them comments, offer resources and endorse them. Here’s a quick run-through of the shortlisted concepts:

  • Socialholic Typewriter: A platform bringing together writers and artists from different communities to collaboratively tell stories.
  • Mused: A platform to help youth interested in digital storytelling find the right partners for project collaboration, creating community through synergies.
  • Learning Greek with Hasan Tuna: A Greek language course-program that will be produced and broadcasted via TV, satellite and mobile apps, making language learning more accessible and contributing to a culture of peace on the island.
  • STEP: An online platform to help match students with organisations and companies from Cyprus, allowing them to get real life work experience during their studies.
  • I vee: A mobile game to promote a culture of volunteerism and help young people become positive social activists.
  • YuBiz: A new, web-based ecosystem geared to help young entrepreneurs cooperate and kick start their professional career.
  • Skills Market: An app to help young people share and exchange skills and develop their employment prospects.
  • Stars Club: An online platform to help raise funds for civil society organizations by providing donors with club membership rewards.
  • E.A.T: (Environment, Aquaponics, Technology) aims to offer young entrepreneurs in Cyprus a unique, hands-on opportunity to learn how to build, operate and manage a sustainable Aquaponic farm business, producing organic food and fresh fish.
  • WE-ME WomenPower : A community platform that aims to link women mentors and mentees together to build networks and nurture skills development
  • Hands on Famagusta:  An interactive hybrid platform to engage people in developing a future vision for Famagusta.
  • Pathways to Peaceful Coexistence: An online consensus-building platform to help people from all communities in Cyprus explore the key elements of building a common vision for a unified Cyprus.
  • Neighbour to Neighbour: A virtual neighbourhood that aims to facilitate information sharing between all communities in Cyprus.
  • Tag and fix: A Smartphone application that helps people to improve their neighbourhoods collectively.

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